SEO Audit

A one off health check for your website

If you feel your website isn’t attracting enough traffic from search engines, then an SEO audit is a great place to start. Think of it as a one-off health check for your website, which can identify issues that affect your ability to show on search engines like Google, and propose ideas to resolve them.

An SEO audit is perfect for someone who is looking to take on the work, but just needs some guidance on what to work on. Our clear and concise report will not only outline all of our recommendations, but we will also put them in order of importance and work with you as much as possible to implement the changes.

SEO Audit Actions

SEO audits should be done on a regular basis, and are essential for both new and established websites alike. Building traffic from search engines is one of the most profitable channels to acquire new customers for your business, as it’s very low cost when you compare it to paid advertising or other acquisition channels.

Most new sites aren’t built with SEO in mind, so they can feature critical technical or structural issues that are holding your pages back from appearing on search engines and missing out on potential customers. Starting any new website with the right foundations is essential for long term organic search growth, so if your new site hasn’t been assessed by an SEO specialist then get in touch today and lets start your journey to better online performance.

For more established websites that aren’t attracting much visibility, SEO audits are great at finding issues or potential areas for growth without the guesswork. If your site was built a while ago, it could lack some of the more modern updates that is required to rank high on search engines, or it could simply be poor content that’s resulting in a low amount of traffic. Whatever the issue is with your site, we’ll find it and provide simple yet actionable steps to resolving the issue and increasing your chances of higher organic traffic.

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For most standard sites, an SEO audit is £200. This includes a comprehensive report delivered within 5 working days with recommendations and actions to improve your SEO performance. We will also work with you as much as possible to assist implementing the changes.

For websites with a huge amount of web pages, or a complicated structure, then the price may be slightly higher, however we will discuss this in the free initial consultation.

We will deliver an SEO audit within 5 working days, as it takes time to assess every part of the website and dive into the technical structure to understand how its affecting SEO performance. For larger websites, this may take longer as there will be more pages to assess, but we will discuss this in the free initial consultation.

An SEO audit will provide all the information you need to know about improving your SEO performance, however it doesn’t cover the cost of any work needed by developers or content writers. We can assist and advise as much as possible, or we can discuss also performing the work recommended as an optional extra.

An SEO audit will provide the advice and suggestions that you need to take in order to improve the chance of increasing organic traffic, however, the information supplied won’t do anything by itself.

Performing an SEO audit is one of the first steps to take, however you will also need to be prepared to either conduct work on your site yourself or have the appropriate resources to get the work completed.

This is something we can also help with which can be discussed on the call when we deliver your SEO audit.

There are plenty of websites that offer SEO audits for free, however, they always lack the depth to offer any real insights into what is affecting search performance, and can’t provide the understanding that an SEO specialist has of the wider search landscape and other external factors that affect ranking positions.

Most ‘free’ websites are also designed to offer a small amount of advice that’s actually free, before hiding the rest of the advice behind a paywall.

The charge simply covers the amount of time it takes to analyse each and every part of the site, look at all the internal and external factors and apply years of SEO knowledge into one document that will provide real, actionable improvements and in a way that’s clear and easy to understand.

For the price and potential return, an SEO audit can be one of the most cost-effective decisions you make for your business.

Every 6-12 months is our usual recommended schedule, especially if your website is mostly unchanged.

We would highly recommend conducting one after any major upheaval, such as a site redesign or platform migration, as these can have huge effects on SEO performance even though the content is unchanged.

If you’re unsure whether an SEO audit is right for you, we can offer our advice in our free initial consultation.