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Our SEO Consultancy services are ideal for businesses looking to grow their online traffic. We specialise in offering SEO solutions for small to medium businesses, ranging from small one off projects through to ongoing monthly support, we can help with any of your SEO requirements.

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Our Approach

Our SEO Consultancy can help businesses of all sizes across the UK. We specialise in flexible SEO campaigns for small to medium businesses, where return on investment is even more crucial.

No matter what your SEO need is – from a small one off SEO campaign, to long term ongoing strategy support for an existing digital marketing department, our SEO Consultancy can help improve your website performance and increase search results for your business.

SEO Consultancy Services

SEO comes in many different forms – we can help across many different areas, from technical issues that could be blocking search engines from accessing your site through to content analysis, we’ll focus on the areas that deliver results to increase revenue and potential customers.

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Case Study

So Yummy Sweet Treats

Tasked with improving organic traffic to their website and improving ranking positions, our SEO team created a bespoke SEO strategy to target their intended audience.

Combining technical & on-page SEO enhancements, we were able to grow their search traffic by over 600% and increase organic revenue by over 1300%, giving the business an additional source of revenue that continues to grow.

SEO Consultancy FAQ’s

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’, and is the process of ensuring that websites are visible to search engines like Google or Bing, and optimising a website to improve that visibility. When visibility is increased, this leads to more visitors to your website. This in turn results in more conversions or leads and increased brand awareness.

Acquiring new customers via search engines is one of the most profitable sources of revenue a business can have. Using the internet is the most popular way for customers to research new businesses, so it’s critical that your website shows up when customers search for words relating to your business. Having a high position on Google or Bing (or any other search engine) will result in more customers finding your website, which will result in more conversions or leads.

Many businesses tend not to focus on SEO, simply because it can be quite confusing without specialist knowledge. It can also take time to fully implement – changes might not take effect for weeks or even months, so it can seem like a waste of money to invest in SEO when compared to more instant return channels like paid advertising.

In terms of the work, there’s not much difference. Agencies usually offer a bigger scale, so they can work on multiple projects with many clients using a wide range of staff members. They also usually have a bricks and mortar office, all of which needs paying for. Agencies are great for bigger companies who need to utilise that scale and resource, however for many small to medium businesses, dealing with one SEO expert is more than enough to achieve their SEO goals.

By using an SEO consultant, you’ll be dealing directly with someone with over 10 years of SEO experience with a proven track record of improving performance. If you use an agency, you may get the pitch from someone with similar experience, but the chances are once you sign the contract the person in charge of your account will be a junior with little SEO knowledge.

It’s hard to give a definitive answer, as it completely depends on your current SEO performance. Some sites may require some simple fixes which will yield instant results, however for others it may require a longer term strategy to be put in place.

Before we do any work, we’ll conduct a thorough SEO audit to assess your current situation and then advise from there. Each website is unique, so we’ll base our approach after we have a clear picture of what’s holding back your performance.

We don’t make any guarantees or outlandish claims – any companies offering a number one position on Google should be actively avoided! – we simply offer an honest and proven approach that, in most instances, will improve your organic traffic.

For the price, SEO offers one of the best return on investments compared to other methods of customer acquisition. Not only is it low cost as you don’t pay per visit, it also brings high quality traffic – people are actively searching for your product or services, so by appearing high in organic listings, you’ll have a much greater chance of making a conversion or lead.

Other ways of acquiring website traffic, like PPC (paid advertising), usually produce quicker results – it can take less than 24 hours from setting up a PPC advertising campaign to seeing your first sale! However, PPC is costly as competition is high, and you are always limited by the size your budget.

Investing in SEO is great, as it offers genuine long term returns. Think of it like putting your money in the stock markets – it might not double in price overnight, but over a long period the returns can be much greater than other forms of investing.

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Our SEO Consultancy is performed remotely from Leicester. By not having an office, we can keep our rates much more competitive than agencies with an office to run, and with the nature of SEO work being all online, it doesn’t hamper the results in any way.

If you decide to use our services, we will have regular video calls and communication to keep you updated throughout our partnership, and you can ask any questions about our approach or performance before starting any work. If you would prefer to meet in person, there’s plenty of coffee shops in and around the East Midlands!

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